J Craft

Ordering a J Craft is more akin to commissioning a piece of art than a boat and the J Craft design team will be happy to guide you on this journey. From a myriad of optional extras, owners are invited to go that extra mile in order to create something truly unique to them. The result is a motor launch that is both chic and capable; equally at home navigating choppy waters or moored on the world's most glamorous jetties.

The J Craft's classic styling and turn of pace is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes.

Bespoke J Craft



Deck Plan
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No two J Craft Torpedos are ever the same. The unique and individual nature of the wood veneers alone guarantees this fact. It is also true to say that each boat that leaves the J Craft manufacturing facility in Gotland is a unique expression of an individual, of their desire to stand out, to be seen. The Torpedo is an infinitely tailorable vessel, from powertrains to onboard technology and down to the smallest detail.

Past customers have specified unique colours and materials. Some have, in conjunction with our team, designed their own luggage, deck plans and in one instance, even a 2,000 watt stereo has been fitted at a customer's request. The only real limit is that of the customer’s imagination.

Individual Design